Press Release: 18.12.2012

CHINAWOMAN is the story of a Canadian
artist with Russian roots, moving to
Berlin and touring around Europe.
Accompanied by her band the charming
female singer/songwriter will perform
in Sofia on 13th of February 2013 at
Party Center 4-km. Tickets for the show
are available at TixGate
priced 25 bgn until the end of 2012,
29 bgn regular price and 35 bgn
- at the door.
“Writer of Ballads” as the author describes
herself debuted in 2007 with the
full-length album “Party Girl”. Followed by
the single “Russian Ballerina”(2008)
and the album “Show Me The Face”(2010).
The new single “To Be With Others” (2012)
is filmed in black and white at an
East Berlin Motel.
Just get in the mood for CHINAWOMAN.

Artist website:

support band: Nasekomix

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