Press release: 03.10.2012 / updated on 22.10.2012

Tuxedomoon are playing Sofia on November 4th.
A year after the memorable first encounter
with the Bulgarian audience,
the band is back for another
live show, taking place at Modern Theatre .
Exploring, ever changing, improvising,
Tuxedomoon will challenge our visual
and sound perceptions once again.
At the moment Steven and Blaine are working
on the music for a new dance work by
choreographer Thierry Smits in Brussels,
and a new Tuxedomoon album is planned
for 2013. This 2012 autumn tour marks 35
years of Tuxedomoon as a band.
Tickets for the Sofia show can be purchased
from Eventim, priced 17,5 euro advance,
20 euro on the day of performance.

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support band: Trendafil & Chugra

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