Press Release: 01.09.2008

Clan Of Xymox will visit Sofia, for their first
live performance in Bulgaria on 20th of December
2008.The band played a significant role in the
formation of dark-wave, gothic-electro music

Clan Of Xymox or Xymox have worked with 4AD,
Wing (subsidiary of Polygram), and different
independent labels. Since 1999, Clan Of Xymox
are released by North American label Metropolis
Records and Pandaimonium Records in Europe.
The band is expected to release a new album this

COX are notable for their live performances –
“…it’s almost scary how good they are live on
stage at the moment!”. Appearing live in Sofia are:
Ronny Moorings, Mojca Zugna, Mario Usai &
Yvonne de Ray, together with sound engineer:
Heiko Duus, Light engineer: Lebo.

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